Monday, June 14, 2010

Whistle While You Wait!

How many times each week do you find yourself waiting in a line somewhere? We wait in line at the bank, at the checkout counter at the grocery store, at the airport, at the DMV, and many other places! How much of that time do we stand there annoyed, thinking of all the other things we could be doing? Unless you one day have someone to run all of your errands for you, count on continuing to have to stand in line at some point throughout your week! This occurrence may never go away; however, how we deal with it may determine our stress level on any given day.

I was very fortunate to be standing in line the other day behind what appeared to be a mother and son. They were having a whistling contest while they were waiting in line! I was fascinated by how quickly the time went by before we were being serviced. . . 30 minutes in line felt more like 10 minutes. Imagine if I had my own version of whistling while waiting each time I was in a line? There are so many things people could do to pass the time. After all, we know we’re going to be waiting today or tomorrow or the next day. So, why don’t we prepare ourselves?

Ways to Pass the Time While Standing in Line:

• Check your voicemail messages.
• Take out pen and paper and make a “To Do List.”
• Bring a report or paper you’ve been working on and proofread it.
• Read a book, magazine, or something that is fun and will keep your interest.
• Pack a handheld game and play until you hear that you’re NEXT!
• Clean out your pockets, purse, or wallet.
• Whistle or hum softly your favorite tune!

Jokima Hiller, MBA, Hospitality & Restaurant
Management Program Coordinator
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