Friday, December 14, 2012

Micro Blog: Chris Daniels

My blog for this week is not food oriented, but more directed to the great support from all of the faculty and staff at TCA. Recently, I had a family situation that I needed to be a part of. Not knowing the reaction I would get, I was a little nervous to ask my Chefs for help. I sat down with the Dean and told him about my situation and what my schedule was going to be. Not knowing ahead of time how many classes I might have needed to miss or assignments I would not be present for, I was concerned about my education at TCA. After sitting down with many faculty members, we were able to come up with an action plan to keep me on track in a time of need. I want all of my classmates and future students to know that the TCA faculty and staff do have hearts. In the future, instead of missing classes and putting your education in jeopardy, talk to someone first to see if there is something you can do to help your situation. TCA was MORE than accommodating to my situation for which myself and my family are grateful for. This is just another part of The Chefs Academy that reassures me that I made a great decision to continue my education and career goals at this school. All in all, anytime a serious situation comes up in your life, reach out to the faculty. It can make a world of differences.

-Chris Daniels

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Micro Blog: Rico Hawkins

Today is a day of thanks no matter what you don’t have you should be thankful for what you have. As a parent and a full time student and a person that has to work to survive thank GOD for life. The same things that make you smile will make you cry. I love cooking I love going to school I love spending time with my family but I miss my kid’s my son & daughter so my day of thanks was not all it could have been. I say this to you so you can learn from my pain. As we try to learn and go on with our lives thing’s will distract us people will tell us we can’t do it even your friend’s will try to stop you. Some will talk about you behind your back and to your face (We call them haters). Never I mean never let them steal your joy .For when you finish the GOLRY will be yours everything you went through will have been worth the pain and you have now WON even the haters will say I knew you could do it. Could do and would do are two different things. Only the people that care about you, want to see you, me, we, us succeed. Now that we are finish I can spend time with my kids and give thanks that you could learn from my pain. The same thing that makes you cry can make you smile.

Rico Hawkins