Monday, November 15, 2010

Micro-blog from student Clint Wood

I was part of one of the biggest graduation classes at The Chef’s Academy that graduated on Saturday the 6th of November 2010. I would like to tell you how it felt from my point of view and what I was able to visually see happen right in front of my eyes.  
I am the middle child in my family so I have always been competitive towards my siblings, trying to get the attention of our parents since I wasn’t the first born, or the baby.  As I grew up and got out of those childish ways I realized that our parents loved us all the same.  I came to Indianapolis in 2008 and started my life at The Chef’s Academy where through term after term I continued to adapt and over-come all of the voices in my head saying, “you can’t do it!”  I am here to tell you that with hard work and perseverance you can finish your goal here at The Chef’s Academy and the feeling you will get the day you graduate will be one that you will never forget.  I was waiting for everybody to show up and when they started playing the graduation music I started tearing up, but me being a man, trying to not look like a big softy, I held it in. Going across the stage to get my degree and to shake hands with all the people that helped me through, and kept the fire burning in my life, and who kept me from giving up is wonderful.
-Clint East Wood

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Micro-blog from student Hannah Kester

Being at The Chef’s Academy has been great! As a new student leaving home for the first time, I was extremely nervous. My first day of class I met so many new people that I felt like I was home. All of us became such fast friends. It definitely made the transition easier. Being away from home for the first time is tough. Moving into housing with three others girls… even harder! I was worried about having roommates that would not like me or we would not get along. I was wrong. All of us got along just fine. The thing about TCA is that they don’t let just anyone into the school. Everyone that I have met I have liked! That is a huge plus! I do not think that a single person comes into TCA and is not welcomed right away. I have only been at TCA for about a month now, but I feel like I have been there for a year. People are so nice there and understanding. It is like we have all known each other our whole lives!
            The classes at TCA are better than I could have imagined. My first day was exciting. They are so fun. I thought that they were going to be extremely hard. The way the instructors teach class and communicate with us helps me enjoy it so much more. It is not a boring class. They make it interesting and fun all the time. I absolutely love being at TCA. It was definitely the right choice of school. I think TCA is a great place for anyone especially if they are leaving home for the first time. Everyone here is like family and we all have a blast! TCA is a great school to go to!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Micro-blog from Student Faye Williams

Ever heard the song, "Somethings gotta go wrong, cause I'm feeling way too d*@# good?"  How about everything, yes, I mean everything going good for you in your life and then something totally out of your control happens to bring you to your knees?  I have!  To what first became a startling revelation that I have no business walking around in the back yard, in the dark, to breaking a leg will, and did stop me in my tracks, I realized that in order to finish school and further my career, I am going to have to take care of myself.  Right up until the day I broke my leg, I had been cramming way too much into my schedule, professional and personal life.  I couldn't allow myself to say no, for fear I might miss out of some opportunity.  As I spent endless hours, on my couch, lamenting the fact that I was incapacitated, I realized that in order to be effective, I truly needed to structure my life.  No more late nights partying, no more volunteering for every opportunity that comes down the pike, no more staying up till all hours of the weekday nights studying so as to convince myself that I must make a 100% on every test I take. 

Now days, there is no partying, I am trying to cut back on volunteering for everything, I don't feel obligated to make perfect grades, even though I am still maintaining my postition on the Dean's List, and my leg is slowly healing.  I am very grateful to be back at school, and on my way to realizing my dream of becomming a chef.
Faye E. Williams