Thursday, May 16, 2013

Student Micro Blog: Sean Hall


Hello TCA! This blog is about the US Foods Show, which was held this year at the Raleigh Convention Center on April 30th. US Foods are a foodservice distributer that services a number of kitchens and other facilities as well as the kitchens here at TCA. Not only does US Foods serve its own private brands, it also serves over 350,000 national products.

The US Foods Show is an event held at major cities around the United States, several times a year and is a showcase for thousands upon thousands of different foods items as well as culinary uniforms, cooking equipment, menu designs and just about anything else culinary related. One of the major benefits of attending these shows is seeing brand new products coming into the kitchen scene, as well as having a representative explain the product in great detail.

The other major benefits are the networking experiences and the sampling. Samples of food range from simple organic sodas to new sausage casings or to even newly developed gluten-free products. Also offered are hundreds of fresh samples of regularly available US Foods and national brand items. Do not plan on eating before attending a show!

Shows are held periodically throughout the year, so please pay attention to any signage, Chefs or staff mentioning opportunities to go to the show and participate as a volunteer or even as a contestant in a Chefs Demo just like several students from the NC TCA campus were able to. It is an exciting and fun experience that you will be vowing to return to again and again!