Friday, September 28, 2012

Micro Blog: Jessica Vittoria

So yesterday was our second annual Triangle Chef Showdown, and it was a great success!! I had so much fun presenting my desserts and networking with people for amazing job opportunities. I was extremely happy to have all my family and friends come out and support me through my education. I was a little emotional too, due to the fact that everywhere I looked parents where there supporting their kids and expressing how proud they were. I know my mom is looking down on me an I know she is proud of me too. During times like yesterday I was very happy to have family support. I know ever since I started at The Chefs Academy my life has changed so much. I just want to take the time now to thank all my chefs and TCA staff for being there for me. I love you all so much. A special thank you to Chef Stolfo for being an inspiration to me and helping me push forward and reach my true potential.  I'm excited to start my internship, and finish out the last two weeks of our kitchen class.
 With a passion for pastry
Jessica Vittoria 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Micro Blog: Jerome Moody Jr.

The other day a classmate asked me, “Where do you get your energy and passion from? To wake up before 5:30am and have a smile on your face and the energy to run miles?”  I am here to tell you my reason for pushing myself and others so hard in the classroom and in life.  In 2005 I lost a friend of mine while serving in Iraq, United States Marine Corporal Christopher D. Leon. This 20 year old Marine is not going to get the chance to turn 21, go to school or marry his high school sweet heart.  He was serving his country and protecting the other Marines in our unit when he was killed.  I push myself because Leon would have wanted me to.  I push myself because he can't follow a dream he once had.  Finally I push myself because I have a goal in my head that nothing will stop me from becoming a great chef and lead others in my kitchen to success.  I come to class each morning with high energy because it spreads to everyone else and that just makes the morning start with a bang.  I have had the pleasure to serve and train with some of the world’s best military men and woman, being in the kitchen is no different.  There is a goal to achieve and a layout to follow to get it done.  High energy and positive attitude will get you far in life no matter what your end goal may be. 

Jerome Moody Jr.
TCA Culinary Student.