Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Student Micro Blog: Jerome Moody Jr.

Good morning all, lets talk about friends in life and in the cooking industry. Over the past year I have be able to meet some awesome culinarians.  These are people that love food, making food and the overall enjoyment of food.  Since i started down this journey at The Chef's Academy I have stepped into a world of true friends that have your back when times get hot.  I remember a time in the kitchen at school that a dish of mine was just wrong and a friend of my took out there time to help me fix it on the fly.  Never once did that friend ask for anything in return.  They were just there to lead a extra pair of hands to help me put out a great dish on time.  At work, over the past 2 weeks I have been training on saute.  My co-workers have taken the time to be patient and understanding that I am new to that station.  Without them I would be for a lack of a better word " A deer in the head lights".  They have taken there knowledge and time to help me become a better culinarian.  So when you feel like life is beating you down and the kitchen is to hot to handle, turn to a friend and they can help you get through that troubling time.

Jerome Moody Jr
Culinary Student
The Chef's Academy