Friday, July 27, 2012

Micro Blog: Catheryne Horton

Good morning everyone! It is Catheryne Horton again. I wanted to express to you how the past 10 weeks (Term 2) have been for me. They have been more difficult than I thought but it has been the best experience that I could ask for. This term I have been learning about sauces, stocks, shellfish, and fish. I never knew of all the different kinds of fish that were in this part of the world. I have learned all about the different ways that you can cook them as well. I have to say that I am very picky when it comes to what I eat but this term has really broadened my palate. I have tasted several different fish that I would have never even considered trying. I have come to like a few more fish than what I used to eat. I have to say that grilled tuna will be on the next thing that I will have to try at home. It was better than I thought that it would be.

This past term we also learned more about proper English and how it should be written. I have to say that there is a lot that I had forgotten about from high school. I also learned how to write a professional resume. It has made a big difference in my career already. I am starting to feel more like a chef than I did before. The school and the instructors have been some of the best that I would consider in the field. The have been a great influence for me.  I hope that I am doing the school proud when I am out and seen wearing my uniform.
Thank you to  The Chef’s Academy for this wonderful opportunity to learn more than I thought that I would ever learn. We are getting ready for a “break week” and will be returning on Aug. 6, 2012 but please continue to follow the website for upcoming events and new terms that are starting. I hope that everyone has a great summer and see you in a week.

Thank you,
Catheryne Horton