Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Breaking Ground

Breaking ground on your first day of work for most is learning your way around the office.  When I look back to breaking ground my first week of work at my new job, I'm going to have the most colorful story to tell.  
I started my job at The Chef's Academy Morrisville, NC Campus on November 29, 2010, the day before the official ground breaking!  Talk about exciting.  Wihin thirty-five minutes of my first day I was at the airport picking up Chef Tony Hanslits and meeting Chef Jeffrey Bane and off to a meeting on my own with MMI Public Relations Agency in Cary, NC.
The most exciting part though, was the day of the official ground breaking.  Not only was I surrounded by the delicious aroma of the pork tenderloin and chicken satay on the grill, but I was among a crowd of chefs, executives, elected officials, including Secretary of Commerce Keith Crisco and Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe and community members that were also excited to be there.  Everything went right, as it should have, the turnout was unbelievable, the food was a success and the speeches hit home to all guests.  

It is important to see where The Chef's Academy comes from and what they stand for; to hear the speeches and learn more about who we [The Chef's Academy] are, and how the community perceives us, was exciting, rewarding, and encouraging.  Exciting because I know I am going to be a part of this schools from the beginning here in North Carolina, rewarding because I was able to see the respect and enthusiasm that The Chef's Academy and Harrison College receive from the community, and encouraging because it made me want to encourage other people to be involved and able to be a part of this awesome experience.
The ground breaking was a HUGE success.  My first week was fast pace and full of excitement.  The ground breaking ceremony could not have gone better.  It not only marked the beginning of the new The Chef's Academy existence in North Carolina, but also the start of something new for a lot of people and their families around the Triangle and at the Indiana campus.