Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Micro-blog from Student Faye Williams

Ever heard the song, "Somethings gotta go wrong, cause I'm feeling way too d*@# good?"  How about everything, yes, I mean everything going good for you in your life and then something totally out of your control happens to bring you to your knees?  I have!  To what first became a startling revelation that I have no business walking around in the back yard, in the dark, to breaking a leg will, and did stop me in my tracks, I realized that in order to finish school and further my career, I am going to have to take care of myself.  Right up until the day I broke my leg, I had been cramming way too much into my schedule, professional and personal life.  I couldn't allow myself to say no, for fear I might miss out of some opportunity.  As I spent endless hours, on my couch, lamenting the fact that I was incapacitated, I realized that in order to be effective, I truly needed to structure my life.  No more late nights partying, no more volunteering for every opportunity that comes down the pike, no more staying up till all hours of the weekday nights studying so as to convince myself that I must make a 100% on every test I take. 

Now days, there is no partying, I am trying to cut back on volunteering for everything, I don't feel obligated to make perfect grades, even though I am still maintaining my postition on the Dean's List, and my leg is slowly healing.  I am very grateful to be back at school, and on my way to realizing my dream of becomming a chef.
Faye E. Williams

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