Monday, November 15, 2010

Micro-blog from student Clint Wood

I was part of one of the biggest graduation classes at The Chef’s Academy that graduated on Saturday the 6th of November 2010. I would like to tell you how it felt from my point of view and what I was able to visually see happen right in front of my eyes.  
I am the middle child in my family so I have always been competitive towards my siblings, trying to get the attention of our parents since I wasn’t the first born, or the baby.  As I grew up and got out of those childish ways I realized that our parents loved us all the same.  I came to Indianapolis in 2008 and started my life at The Chef’s Academy where through term after term I continued to adapt and over-come all of the voices in my head saying, “you can’t do it!”  I am here to tell you that with hard work and perseverance you can finish your goal here at The Chef’s Academy and the feeling you will get the day you graduate will be one that you will never forget.  I was waiting for everybody to show up and when they started playing the graduation music I started tearing up, but me being a man, trying to not look like a big softy, I held it in. Going across the stage to get my degree and to shake hands with all the people that helped me through, and kept the fire burning in my life, and who kept me from giving up is wonderful.
-Clint East Wood

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