Thursday, July 22, 2010

Student Rodney Franklin micro-blog

Spud-tacular Mini Blog

The Chef’s Academy Spud-tacular first annual potato race on Friday, July 16, quickly became a terrific twist on tubers. More than 30 chefs, staff, students and family were our tater-race challengers, and chose their potatoes pensively. Carved, assembled and wheeled, a few spud cars were creatively named, “The Buzz Spud,” “The TaterNater,” “Team HRM,” and “The Begermeister.” Competition was fierce as Chef Hamilton and Chef Powell joined forces and created a starchy monstrosity, complete with an avocado grill and carrot racing stripes. Despite their culinary expertise, they were quickly thrown out of the running by a very versatile vehicle carved by The Hanslits sisters. Participants of all ages recklessly raced their Russets through different heats, beating each other's spectacular spuds into submission. It was a harrowing and heated day, but finally student Rodney Franklin won the Yukon gold. Staff member Dorenda Roberson took home the win for her potato “Best in Show.” Student Patrick Early and Financial Aid Analyst Josh White came in 2nd and 3rd respectively with their spectacular spuds!

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