Saturday, March 24, 2012

Micro-Blog: Sheba Andrews

Since my last blog, I have experienced a number of great things. Some of those highlights include a term of learning culinary skills with Chef Gephart, learning to create specialty cakes with Chef Stolfo, and being nominated as the pastry Student of the Term.   I must say that being here at TCA has been wonderful thus far.
When I decided to write the blog for this week, I wondered what I could address. My life has recently been full of ups and downs. One day, a fellow “cupcake” said, “Sheba, you always smile. I’ve never seen you get upset or down.” That statement made me feel really good inside. I have to admit that I certainly have days when I am frustrated, sad and stressed; however, I try my best not to allow anything to get me down.  There were numerous points that I would like to blog about, but the analogy that follows truly tops the cake. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.
There was a family that would take road trips during the summer. The mother would always clean the refrigerator before leaving and throw away all of the food. Her young son could not understand why his mother would do this. He felt that the food should be just fine until the family returned. One day he decided to ask his mother why she would throw away everything in the refrigerator before their trip. His mother simply replied, “If I don’t and one thing goes bad, it’ll stink up the whole house.”
I had an “ah-ha” moment when I heard this story.  When someone/thing hurts us, we often keep that pain inside of our hearts. The pain/hurt/sadness simply sits there spoiling our whole body and stinking up our disposition. You may be a wonderful person, but no one will be able smell the goodness of you due to the stench from the pain that you are carrying around. We must learn to forgive, let go and clean out our refrigerator!

Fermenting My Future,
Sheba Andrews

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