Friday, February 26, 2010

Miniblog from student Scott Rollins

Having a family member volunteer you to cook dinner for 25 girl scouts and their families was a bit scary. Having only cooked for about 10 people at the most, I was a little worried. But I used the skills of team work developed in the kitchen environment at The Chef's Academy to help me through this scary task. I gathered up a couple of girl scouts to help with the prep work. After a quick knife skills lesson we were off and running. The girls did a great job on prep and I used the confidence of cooking larger amounts of food, learned at school, to help me pull off a very successful dinner. Without the learning and confidence I gained as a student of The Chef's Academy, I would have never been able to do cooking that good on a meal that large. Trust what you are learning in school to be amongst the best you can learn from. And volunteer to put that learning to good practice, it will pay off for you down the road.

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