Thursday, April 29, 2010

Student Rodney Franklin micro-blog

Recently I have had the honor to witness one of the most educational contests ever. When we discussed the “Who’s Left Cooking” competition I thought just like some of you: “Blah, blah, just another contest.” But then I helped set up for the event. This is going to be so cool, and then when the judges come in, this is even cooler! I got to meet chefs from around Indy. To meet them was a privilege. For the first round, not even the board members knew what Chef Tony had put in the mystery basket! To see what the contestants came up with was so awesome, and then it was time to serve the judges. Now remember that these are the eyes and ears of the people you are going to be serving when you leave school.  Just to be there to hear what they had to say was almost better than being in a classroom. The famous line, “Did you taste it??” “Your knife cuts could have been better” and “hot food-hot plate”. Do I hear an echo coming from the classrooms of the Chefs Academy? If you missed this event you have missed out on lifetime of information that spilled out of the Judges mouths.
See what you missed!

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