Friday, May 6, 2011

Micro-Blog from Christopher Blice

Relationship Building with your classmates, instructors, peers is creating solid, healthy connections.  Building relationships start very early in life, by the time you enter into this world, relationships begin.  Born in 1957, relationship building was so different than it is today.  There was no internet social media, and mobile phones had not even been thought of.  Relationships were formed from face to face interactions and other physical manifestations of a greeting.
Building, then keeping the relationship begins to build a solid network of colleagues, and friends alike.  Respect for others, goes a long way.  One wise man once told me, “be careful whose toes you step on today, tomorrow you may be kissing their butt”.  This is so true in life, you may offend someone today,  and tomorrow they may be your boss, or you may need them  for a reference, whatever the case, it is crucial to show  everyone respect regardless of what your personal opinion is.
Following simple fundamentals such as honesty and respect, this will take you as far in life as you wish to go.  Giving back, paying it forward, whatever you wish to call it, giving back to society is important.  Giving back does not necessarily mean monetary.  Give your time, your knowledge, or whatever strength you may have that can be shared with others, even a simple “thank you” goes a long way with most.  It builds character, self esteem, not only in you but also for those around you.
Treat others the way you want to be treated and you will be amazed at the relationships that are built on simple fundamentals, such as dignity, honesty, respect but most of all humility.
Christopher Blice
TCA Pastry Arts 2012

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