Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Micro-Blog from Mike Parsons

On the board.

The Student Advisory Board, unfortunately for many students they don't know what we do.  Yes we are the voice of the student body, but we are so much more.

As board members we are a gateway for your voice to be heard by faculty and staff anonymously. We are also repositories of activities, functions and knowledge.  We sometimes have information as to what happens behind closed doors, and can advise you to wait before saying something to anyone about something.

We help plan activities for the student body.  Did you know “Who's Left Cooking?” actually takes more than three weeks?  There are several weeks of planning and preparation needed.  Judges need to be contacted and arranged, someone has to show up early to get the kitchen setup as well as the chairs in the hall, and the judges room, and who do you think cleans it all up? 

We are also one of the first points of contact for new students.  Many of our current board members, myself included, have met and still talk with students who otherwise didn't know a soul when they started, and during  Grad Preview met someone they could relate to.

Being a student takes a lot, being a good student takes even more, but being on the Student Advisory Board takes a level of commitment that exceeds expectations on most reviews.  My employer had no issue working my schedule around the Advisory Board functions, and I know I have gotten more than one interview opportunity because of the embroidered Chef’s jacket that states I am on the Student Advisory Board at The Chef’s Academy.

OK, so it's not all glitz and glamour, even though we do have fun, it takes a commitment of time, as well as a willingness to want to help your fellow students.  Being a bit of an extrovert helps as well because you need to be able to meet new people with no problems.  You need to be open minded, and willing to listen with open ears. Oh, and you have to know how to keep a few secrets too! There are things we know that are planned as a surprise for students and faculty alike and we have the privilege of being in the know.

We meet almost every Friday at 9am and get a lot done in about an hour. Come join one of our meetings and see what it's all about.  Check with your class representative, and see what else we do, and if you don't know who we are, check out the shadow box across from the break room and get to know those faces.

We are your voice so meet us and tell us what to say!

Mike Parsons

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