Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cupcake Couture welcomes new Executive Chef

Baton Rouge, LA.  High fashion meets delectable desserts at one famous cupcake shop where graduate of The Chef’s Academy, Rhiannon Spafford now calls home.  Spafford finished her education working as a baker at Cupcake Couture, a gourmet bakeshop in Louisiana, and has recently been promoted to Executive Chef.  The bakery’s name reaches beyond red carpet stature. From baking 300 cupcakes for actor Christian Slater, to tryouts for Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Cupcake Couture is anything but ordinary. Spafford feels her experience is anything but ordinary as well. “Within my first two weeks I was baking hundreds of red velvet cupcakes for a famous actor,” says Spafford, “and it was the training at school that helped immensely with recipe conversions and development.” The two day weekend pastry arts program at The Chef’s Academy is far different than the traditional class meetings of four days per week. The value for many weekend students is the ability to start and complete projects during the time allotted in one day. “Being able to adjust and create new recipes with the time given during the weekend is the value I took from training at The Chef’s Academy.”  Over the past few months, Spafford has not only excelled in her externship, but has taken over more responsibility within the bakery. “After the first couple of weeks, I had keys to the store,” says Spafford, “they really love me here.”  With more responsibility comes more opportunities, and for pastry grads like Spafford, the future is growing brighter every day.

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