Monday, June 25, 2012

Micro Blog: Jessica Vittoria

So this is my fourth blog, and a lot has changed. School (TCA) has been awesome to me. I love TCA more and more every day. It just keeps getting better. So recently we had our last student meeting where we come together as a group and talk about new awards, events, and award out perfect attendance, honor roll and Dean’s list. This term we had a new award called the “Serve to Lead Award.” This award is given to one student once a year and also comes with a $100 scholarship. I am proud to say that I received this award and I was so happy I nearly shed tears. Thank you TCA for this amazing recognition. I have also started my first cake decorator job at dairy queen in Briar Creek. This job is wonderful because I am able to express my creativity and share it with people. I love being a decorator; it is so much fun I love playing with new ideas and patterns too. In addition to that I've also got this week to build a three tiered wedding cake for my dad’s wedding this weekend. I am going to be super busy but it's all cake! I can't wait for my next blog I will upload some pictures for everyone to see. 

With a passion for pastry

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