Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shucks! Just spilled my coffee . . . is that a sign of what kind of day this is going to be?

This was my morning Facebook & Twitter post on yesterday! As encouraging words from Sherman, Monty, Jennifer, James, and Lakesha started to trickle in, my spilled coffee incident faded away. Thank you!

I, Jokima Hiller, had a fabulous day and I am bursting at the seams to tell you all about it . . .

  • Field trip . . . 23 students . . . ALL were present and accounted for and that made my day! Hosted by Longhorn Steakhouse off of Southport, 23 pastry students from The Chef’s Academy FS 1000 Small Business Accounting class toured the restaurant and tasted a variety of appetizers.

    Manager, Mechelle Moore gave a great talk on how important learning the basics of accounting is to anyone interested in being in management of any type of business. Students reviewed a P&L and learned the importance of being able to interpret such financial statements. This is something we stress a lot in our class.

    Don’t know what a P&L is, well then I guess you need to enroll at The Chef’s Academy! Yep, that was another one of those shameless plugs.
  • I got invited by industry colleague Burnell Goldman, Director of Rooms @ The Omni Severin Hotel, to attend a networking event hosted by the Indianapolis Concierge & Associates of Hospitality group. This wonderful event made my day!

    The event was held at the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe which is right next door to The Best Chocolate in Town shop. Needless to say, the pressure from my industry colleague Jill Woods from The Country Inn & Suites Indy AP South was not necessary as we stopped in for a box of chocolates before joining the networking event! I’ll come back to the box of chocolates; but, let me say that the Indianapolis Concierge & Associates of Hospitality is a delightful group. Businesses ranging from restaurants & hotels to baby-sitting services & ballet dance were represented. I learned so much more about the city of Indianapolis and what it has to offer.

    In addition, attendees had a chance to “taste” several different wines from the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe! There was a Sparkling Peach, Raspberry, and Strawberry and a red wine from South Africa. Jill Ditmire, owner, was a great host and explained so eloquently the history and flavors of each of the wine presentations. I am now a Facebook Fan of the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe! You should be too!

    Moving right along, Kermit Ellis, General Manager, of the Scholars Inn was at the networking event. He talked with passion about his restaurant and lounge. As if the chocolates weren’t enough of an indulging purchase, Jill Woods talked me into stopping by the Scholars Inn for a light dinner as a follow-up to the wine tasting. What a treasure! The Scholars Inn’s atmosphere, food, and service surely were a part in making my day. What? Spilled coffee – who cares!
  • The day was coming to a close as I readied for bed and pulled the box of chocolates out of my purse. I guess I was guarding them like a million dollar diamond! I opened the beautifully prepared box with the goal of tasting just one AND well, “poof” they vanished and I went to bed with a welcomed ache in my head. Sweet dreams literally!

Imagine if all I had to report on was a cup of spilled Folgers! Today was a good day and I thank you for having part in it and I thank you readers for letting me share it with you.

Here’s wishing YOU too a great day!

Jokima Hiller, MBA, Hospitality & Restaurant
Management Program Coordinator
Faculty Advisor, Travel & Tour Club

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