Friday, March 1, 2013

Micro Blog: Toni-Rain Miller

As a relatively new student to the school, I found it important to become as active as possible in school activities, events, and clubs.  My participation in various events helped me to meet new people and acquainted me with the wonderful opportunities offered to students at The Chef’s Academy.  I am in my second term, and I found volunteering for various events exposed me to a lot more hands-on experiences in the culinary field that I would have never been made aware of if I had not become actively involved in the Student Advisory Board.
           I have learned from several instructors that 90% of the culinary field involves how you connect, network, and work well with others.  One may be highly skilled in cutting techniques or brazing various meats, but if you do not take advantage of opportunities afforded to you it can slow down your rate of success in the culinary field.  Having said that, I encourage everyone, even those with hectic schedules to make time to become active in school events or clubs; it may very well open the door to your future and a successful life in the culinary field.       

My Thoughts,

Toni-Rain Miller     

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